Gibraltar 3 Year Residency


When property hunting in Gibraltar it is important to know what you are eligible to buy. There are various property categories in Gibraltar : Cat 2, HEPSS & 3-year Residency. 

3 year residency restricted properties are properties known as "affordable housing", these apartments are built with Gibraltar residents in mind and cannot be rented out or used for residence aside from the property owner. 

Eligibility is considered on a case by case, however the requirements are as follows:

    • • Gibraltar born resident: Eligible after proof is given that they have resided in a Gibraltar address for a consecutive period of one year or more


  • • UK born resident: Eligible after living in Gibraltar for a consecutive period of three or more years – proof required includes utility bills and rental agreements or Deeds.


 Non British nationals that have been resident in Gibraltar for over three years, would only be eligible to purchase in the following HMGoG estates:

  • • Waterport Terraces
  • • Cumberland Terraces
  • • Bayview Terraces
  • • Nelson’s View
  • • Beach View Terraces
  • • Mons Calpe Mews


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