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Every home needs a great kitchen in which to make delicious food. In recognition of that, NP Estates has continuously supported the work of local recipe book writer Justin Bautista as he’s grown his Mama Lotties brand over the years. Initially inspired by his Grandmother’s cooking, Justin has been on a campaign to gather Gibraltar’s culinary delights into one space which can be shared with the world. 

This vision has created not only several cookbooks, but also a television show. Justin's television show is now in its third season, with the Mama Lotties team currently filming. Each season has brought something different to the show, and this series continues that trend. With the theme being, 'Everyday Cooking' Justin invites local foodies, foodbloggers, and innovative cooks to the show to share in their mutual passion for the kitchen. They'll be constructing three easy everyday recipes that you can adapt to fit your personal lifestyle. This year they'll accommodate various dietary requirements by offering viewers vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, treats and alternatives. 

The show's latest series will air on GBC from the 22nd of August at 9:30PM! The show will continue on every Tuesday, repeating Thursday and Sunday! For those that want to get caught up on his previous shows you can find the episodes on his YouTube channel here

News travels fast here so you may already be aware of the show in progress, however that isn't everything. He's also currently working on his third recipe book! We've already caught a glimpse of the pages and it's enough to make Pavlov's dogs salivate without the bells. For more details, or to preorder your copy, click here.



100 Mama lotties everyday recipes

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