Gibraltar's Districts and Areas

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The South District

Gibraltar's South District has always been known as the "sunny" Gibraltar and one of Gibraltar's larger residential areas. The South District is home to many of Gibraltar's tourist attractions and public ameneties located within the area are the Botanical Gardens, The Alameda, The Cable Car, Camp Bay and Rosia Bay, perfect for avid divers. 

The South District has a quieter pace of life and is located with access to both public and private schools. The area is recognised for its range of properties from middle to high end developments as well as the styles of homes on offer, including villas and cottages.

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The East Side

Gibraltar's Eastside is the location of Gibraltar's beaches and the famous historic fishing village of Catalan Bay. Catalan Bay, inspired by Genoa is home to picturesque shuttered homes and idyllic streets. Head south and you'll find Sandy Bay, Gibraltar's golden beach the perfect spot for Stand up paddle, kayaking and the location of Both Worlds. 

Gibraltar's Eastside is the location of some of Gibraltar's newest and upcoming developments such as E1, Forbes, Beach View Terraces and eventually Gibraltar's Eastside project 

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The West Side

The Westside area of Gibraltar is the principal "city-living" location. Within the area you can find tall apartment buildings such as Eurocity, Midtown and Eurotowers and offices as well as grocery shops and the hospital. The majority of Gibraltar's westside is built on reclaimed land and offers views of the Bay and Rock of Gibraltar including the ocassional cruise ship visiting the port.  

The Westside is also home to Gibraltar's garden parks and various schools, ranging from first schools and middle schools, through to high education.

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The Town Area

The town area of Gibraltar is the main hub of the city and the heart of commerce in Gibraltar. The town area is where banks and government offices can be found as well as restaurants and a range of UK brand shops. The town area is the best place to experience Gibraltar's melting pot of cultures, living harmoniously alongside one another. Churches, Mosques, Temples and Synagogues can be found within the area.

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The Upper Town

The Upper Town also known as "The Old Town" is the oldest part of Gibraltar. The true character of original Gibraltar can be whitnessed through its plethora of architecture and narrow streets. Rejuvation projects and cultural projects are rejeuvinating this area, bringing to life the unique styles and heritage of Gibraltar's history

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Ocean Village

Ocean Village is Gibraltar's resort-living area. The area is home to an array of restaurants, yachts, superyachts, a collection of pools & jacuzzis and Gibraltar's 5* Yacht Hotel, The Sunborn. Ocean Village is ideally located close to Main Street, schools and short walk to Gibraltar's beaches.

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Queensway Quay

Queensway Quay covers a large part of the West Side outside of the city walls. This area is home to Gibraltar's luxury seaside homes such as Ragged Staff, Cormorant Wharf, Kings Wharf, The Sails and The Island, a gated community of semi detached homes. The Marina, located at the heart of the area offers a relaxed, laid back approach to marina-city life with a selection of restaurants offering fabulous sunset views.